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College Admissions Prep

We specialize in customizing our approach to the unique aspects of each family situation, guiding you meticulously through every step of the admission and financial aid process.

    Navigate admissions & financial aid with a personalized roadmap for you and your family.

    Build a strategic college list aligned with academics, athletics (if applicable), and finances.

    Maximize academic transcript and standardized test scores through expert guidance and resources.

    Receive guidance and feedback throughout the application process as you navigate parts such as the essay, resume and more.

    Receive ongoing support throughout the process for a timely, polished applications - directly from an admissions counselor. 

    And more!

Guidance and Personal Development

The existing student-to-counselor ratio in the United States stands at 430:1. Counselors are confronted with a growing challenge to offer personalized attention in such a demanding environment. 
We address this issue by offering tailored strategic guidance and support. This individualized approach aims to cultivate foundational roots that will benefit individuals for years to come.

Athletic Recruiting Prep

We specialize in pairing athletes with colleges and universities at suitable competitive levels. Our comprehensive service includes navigating the entire relationship and communication process, advising on where and how to enhance visibility, and guiding effective use of social media. Our goal is to provide assistance at every step of the journey.

    Understand the athletic recruitment process and its yearly timeline

    Develop college lists, explaining how recruitment affects chances at each school

    Dominate visibility: learn strategies for online presence and showcase events.

    Navigate communication complexities with college coaches, such as social media, emails, highlight videos and more.

    Develop confidence and leadership on and off the field to stand out when confronted by college coaches both in-person and online.

    And more!


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COLLEGE ADMISSIONS and athletic recruitment PREP

Offered to Freshman and Sophomores



12 month commitment$600 total

College admissions and athletic recruitment prep

Offered to Juniors and Seniors



12 month commitment$900 total

INITIAL recruiting CONSULTation